We tell you all about … lavender wands

Lavender wands, evocative emblems of Provence, bear witness to a centuries-old history intimately linked to the region’s ancient customs. Meticulously crafted by the expert hands of Provencal women, these delicate braided objects were originally intended to perfume and preserve linen in wardrobes.

They were also part of the newly-weds’ trousseau, embodying wishes of happiness, prosperity and eternal love for the newly united couple.

The ancestral tradition, still practiced today, involves the meticulous selection of the most exquisite lavender stems, carefully braided and adorned with colorful ribbons.

Production takes place in summer, when the green strands bend without breaking. The fragrant flowers are thus preserved, releasing their delicate scent for several years with a simple press on the wands.

Today, lavender wands have become veritable decorative objects. We select our finest ribbons in one of the last family-run ribbon factories in the Haute Loire. In satin, linen or cotton, plain or woven, the delicacy and refinement of lavender wands embellish any room where they are displayed.

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