All you need to know about… The benefits of lavender

Lavender, the emblematic flower of Provence, has been used since Antiquity for its many benefits. Its fragrance and therapeutic virtues make it one of the most highly prized officinal plants.

A natural cure

Lavender is renowned for its medicinal properties, mainly attributed to its essential oils. Here are some of the medicinal uses most commonly associated with lavender:

Relaxing and soothing effect: Lavender essential oil is used for its relaxing properties. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, and promotes sleep. Inhaled or used in diffusers, it can induce a state of calm and relaxation.

Antiseptic and healing: Lavender has antiseptic properties that help clean wounds and prevent infection. Its topical application can promote healing of minor burns, cuts and skin irritations.

Anti-inflammatory: The compounds present in lavender have anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve muscle and joint pain. Massages with diluted lavender oil can help relieve muscular tension.

An enchanting fragrance

In Provence, lavender is mainly used for its olfactory properties, and comes in many forms in traditional crafts. Its natural, precious fragrance lasts over time.

Here are a few examples of objects used to preserve the scent of lavender:

Lavender sachets, placed in wardrobes, diffuse their delicate fragrance and protect linen from moths.

Lavender wands, made from fresh lavender stems, decorate and perfume our living rooms.

The pillows, filled with lavender blossoms, perfume the home and can be placed behind the neck for relaxation sessions.

Lavender is much more than a decorative plant. Its many properties make it a versatile plant that benefits mental, physical and emotional health.

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